• Wannabe option 3

    • An intimate, laser focused 6-week boot camp to get you to where you really want to be; quickly and effectively

      What does it do? This 6-week The Life I Really Want boot camp helps you move from where you are now to deciding precisely what you’re going to do once you move abroad as well as helping you to create a small business or brand yourself and develop a confident and workable marketing strategy.

      Who is it for? This program is ideal for anyone who is really serious about hitting the ground running as well as going the distance in the country of their choice. More intense than the previous options, this course is perfect for anyone who wants the personal touch or who has the cash to develop their project but is short of time. If this sounds like you, why not get in touch to find out more [link to enquiry form]. No matter whether you want to launch yourself as a small business owner or freelancer, this program will help you get to where you want to be quickly AND will enable you to confidently and competently promote yourself when you get there.

      What’s included? This Life I Really Want boot camp is a highly focused, small group (never more than 12 participants) course that runs for 6 weeks and is designed for people who want hands-on, up close and personal assistance to develop their new life. We’ll set you tasks, we’ll look closely at your responses and we’ll give you one-to-one feedback on where you need to go next. You’ll enjoy weekly live mastermind sessions where you can share your experiences with the team and with fellow boot camp members.

      How long does it take? The program takes 6 weeks and mastermind sessions take place on XXX at XXX, so you need to make sure you’re available at these times. That said, we record all mastermind sessions so you can listen to them again at your leisure or listen in if you weren’t available on the day.

      What subjects are covered? The Life I Really Want boot camp covers everything from analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, through planning your personal finances to promoting yourself in the most effective and efficient way on the open market.

      Do I need any previous knowledge? No, everything you need to know is covered in the course.

      What will I have learned at the end of it? If you’re serious about what you want to achieve and do all of the course, you’ll have determined what you can offer, to whom and at what price AND you’ll have a sound promotional plan to reach out to your target market.

      Extras include: Lifelong access to our Free Stuff and The Life I Really Want community.

      How much does it cost? The cost of this program is £1250, which includes all course material, individual tuition and course material plus access to our Free Stuff and The Life I Really Want community for a lifetime.

      Because this course is so intense and so personal we aim to group students with complimentary needs and for this reason, we have a strict application process. If you are interested in applying, you can download our application form here [link to application form].

      Additional services:

      Support coaching from £150 per hour

      Guarantee? Wot u fink about a guarantee Marc?

      We need disclaimers to say that doing the course isn’t a guaranteed route to securing income for anyone who’s daft enough to think it is ;)