• The Team

    • The team at The Life I Really Want is made up of people who have all ‘been there and done’ what you’re planning to do.  Between us we have well over a century of education; a dozen degrees; we speak 5 languages; we’ve clocked up lots more than 100 years of employment and self-employment as well as boasting at least a million skills we can share.

    • Marc Walton – Managing Partner

      Marc is the boss at The Life I Really Want. A guy who’s been self employed since he was 21, made a few millions and spent a few, Marc lives the life he really wants in Lanzarote. Marc does all our videos because he’s an experienced online educator and has a few thousand students under his belt. He also has a ton of small business and sharp Internet knowledge to share as well as being a great motivator.

    • Suzie Larcombe BA – Managing Partner

      Suzie’s the ex-corporate MP at The Life I Really Want. She lives the good life in South West France with her twin girls. Suzie gave up a well-paid job when she turned 40 and after travelling, took up roots in the back of beyond in SW France. Suzie runs her own successful communications business from home. A blunt talker, don’t get offended if she gives it to you straight!