• Portfolio Career

    • Today we live in a world where pretty much anything we want can be delivered to our door in a matter of hours. With the cash to fund your desires, you can have virtually anything you want, any time you want it. Technology has overtaken craftsmanship and threatens to kill off more and more jobs as time goes by. Businesses are outsourcing rather than recruiting. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that you can take advantage of all of these opportunities if you want to.

      No matter whether you’re a 30-year-old plumber, a lawyer, a 40-something tech superstar, a 50-odd year-old corporate bod who keeps getting overlooked for promotion or you’re facing your 60th year simply terrified that you won’t have enough to live off in retirement, there is an opportunity out there for you. A Portfolio Career could be the key to living the life you really want, with more control, more excitement, more satisfaction and more freedom.

      You may well have read the books, studied the newspaper articles and drooled over the magazine features that show happy people living their Portfolio lives. If this is the case, you’ll know that there’s tons of information out there on the subject. So much so, that we’re pretty sure you could do a PhD in Portfolio Careers – but we're guessing that you want to DO IT, not study it. If that’s the case, you’re in absolutely the right place; so sign up now to be first to hear about our Portfolio Career course options.

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