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      Getting you well on your way to where you want to be

      Living abroad is a dream that all too often turns into a nightmare for many people. If you’re living in a foreign country right now and wanting to stay there but are concerned about your financial future, you’re not alone. At the Life I Really Want, we know lots of people in your position. What makes those people different to you is that you are looking for a solution, and we think that’s great news. On this page you’ll find out all about our 6 week online course.

      What does it do? In a nutshell, this program takes you from where you are now to helping you work out what you can do and deciding what you’re going to do to start building up the income you require for a successful life abroad.

      Who is it for? This course is designed for anyone who is living abroad and wants more income or wants to start to secure an income from their new base. This program allows you to work at your own pace to develop a way of securing an income in pretty much any country across the globe. No matter whether you’re hoping to work full time or if you simply need to top up pension or investment income, this program will help get you well on your way.

      What’s included? This 6-week online course is made up of more than 20, 15-minute videos with exercises, tasks and tools that will take you from working out what options you have to make an income in a foreign country to promoting yourself once you’ve made some decisions.

      How long does it take? This program is designed to take 6 weeks, but you can do it as quickly as you like or take as much time as you like; it’s entirely up to you. What’s more, you have access to the resources for as long as you want.

      What subjects are covered? This program covers everything from analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses, through planning your personal finances and promoting yourself on the open market.

      Do I need any previous knowledge? No, everything you need to know is covered in the course.

      What will I have learned at the end of it? If you’re serious about what you want to achieve and do all of the course, by the end of it, you’ll have determined what you can offer, to whom and at what price.

      Extras include: Lifelong access to our Free Stuff, The Life I Really Want community PLUS a bonus of 2 live Mastermind Sessions for anyone who buys before X/XX. During these Mastermind Sessions you’ll benefit from the experience and knowledge of The Life I Really Want team and get the chance to ask questions.

      How much does it cost? The cost of this program is £99, which includes all course material plus access to our Free Stuff and community for a lifetime.

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