• The Concept

    • Who we are

      The thing that makes the team at The Life I Really Want different is the fact that every member of our team has been where you are right now and has done all they can to live their dream. Most members of the team have enjoyed significant income at some point in their career; some have been self-employed making serious bucks and others have been trapped in a job that they hated. Irrespective of each of our personal situations, we’ve had the vision and the foresight to change our ‘lot’ when we got bored with it, needed or wanted something new.

      You can do the same. And the good news is that you don’t have to feel your way through the life-change process blindly like we did. We can help you get to where you want to be. Thanks to the years of R&D that we’ve done, we can give you the guidance you need to get the Life You Really Want with a load less hassle than we had.

      Let us be your GPS to a great new you – join with like-minded people to bring your dreams to life.

      What we know

      The team at The Life I Really Want benefits from a huge range of skills and experience. We have highly qualified bods in our midst, alongside (no disrespect whatsoever) not particularly academic, but seriously good business folk. So when you add together all the different things we bring to the table, you end up with a pretty big feast! What we know will save you time, frustration and money. In a nutshell, we’ll cut through the crap for you and give you the information you really need to create your new, bright future.

      What we offer

      All the programs we offer are designed to get you to where you want to be as quickly and as efficiently as humanly possible. Made up of convenient, easy to follow modules that you can study when you want to, each of our options enable you to prepare for your new future when the time is right.

      We’ve worked through all the steps that you’ll need to follow in order to put together a plan that will give you the greatest chance of success at the life you really want. After all, in the same way that an army wouldn’t go into battle without a plan, you mustn’t let yourself enter your new life without a great plan – and we’ll help you create it.

      How we work

      Each and every member of The Life I Really Want team works, at least in part, alone and often from their home (sometimes in pyjamas – or in Marc’s case shorts!). If you’re heading off on your commute to work right now, or you’re looking at another empty day ahead of you, that might seem like complete luxury; but the reality is that it can be a tough and lonely process. When there’s no boss behind you to make you accountable for your actions, just another cup of coffee or another 10 minutes of morning TV can be all too tempting, but this is a route to disaster.

      In reality, to become the CEO of your own future, you need to be even more motivated than in the workplace. Anyway, because we’ve been there, seen the film and worn the tee-shirt, we can help you prepare for living the dream and can help you sail through it with dignity and poise (with your eye on the ‘income ball’ at all times of course!).

      Our prices

      We have Life I Really Want solutions for every budget. No matter whether you can only invest a small sum to get you started or are prepared to invest a substantial amount to get the help you need on your terms, we have it covered. What’s more, every program we offer does exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ so there are no nasty surprises; no disappointments; no ‘get rich quick’ promises – just good, honest information, experience and training that’s easy to digest and fits around your lifestyle.